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I Am Still Alive

Yes I know it's been a long ass time since I've made an actual LJ post. My soul has been occupied in Facebook's domain. Plus I'm not sure who even reads my journal anymore. I do have some new news from headquarters. I am no longer with my last job due to lack of business and yes it was hard because I had my hopes that I would be hired on permanently. Oh well, keep your chin up for there are greater successes out there.

The good news is that I start a new job tomorrow. It is the same schedule as the last one however I am going to have a longer drive but it's not too far. The great part, is that it is A PERMANENT JOB! That's right! I won't have to worry about an assignment ending and I'll have benefits and paid time off!!! Something that I have not had in over 18 months!!!

We're planning on renewing our lease for another year. I want to get settled in my new job and get our debts taken care of. I want to make it my goal to get us into a house in a year at least. I was hoping to hunt for a house in Tempe or move back to Mesa but it would be a much longer commute to get to work and the thought of that makes me feel ill. We shall see.

I will also be a contributing writer for Classic Horror. My first review will be published on the site sometime in June. As soon as it's posted, I will inform everyone. I also purchased a laptop recently. That way Jake can have all the time he wants on the other computer and it will be easier for me to work on future written contributions.

I have not heard from Ran-Chan and I'm getting worried. She has not responded to Jake's post on her wall. So Cho, if you're reading this, please send a sign that you're still among the living.

Anyway, I have to try and get some much needed sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. Ciao!


Jun. 17th, 2010 02:25 am (UTC)
The job's going great! I'm getting three hours worth of overtime this week. Plus I've been told by one of the owners of the business that my production numbers are very good. I can't wait until August because that's when I'm supposed to be eligible for benefits.

Yeah I love my lappy. I'm happy because I can sit here and do my own thing and Jake can have the computer all he wants. =^_^=

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