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Tales of the Nocturnal Goddess


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sam rockwell

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This sig is courtesy of my pal SNOW4 from The Warriors Forum.

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80s movies, 80s music, ajax, akira yamaoka, alf, alice in chains, angels, anime, anti-boy bands, anti-britney spears, anti-rap, anti-scientology, aqua teen hunger force, bad religion, bad taste, battle royale, bettie page, bjork, black sabbath, blessed be thy name, blue collar comedy tour, bottom, bruce campbell, buster beckett, captain beefheart, cats and kittens, cky, classic rock, clockwork orange, condemned, cradle of filth, craig shoemaker, creepshow, dane cook, dario argento, david cronenberg, david lynch, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, dead alive, devil may cry series, devo, dino crisis series, doctor who, dragons, drain sth, edgar allen poe, elfen lied, evil dead trilogy, final fantasy 4, final fantasy 6, floria sigismondi, funker vogt, geddy lee, george romero, german language, ghosts, goblin, godsmack, gothic fashion, gothic poetry, greenday, gumby, half life, halloween, haunted houses, hellraiser, hellsing, homestar runner, horror movies, human rights, industrial music, iron maiden, james remar, japan, kermit the frog, kill bill, kittie, korn, lacuna coil, leather, lucio fulci, malcolm mcdowell, marilyn manson, mega man, michael palin, missing persons, monty python, moon, mtv's the state, neon genesis evangelion, nine inch nails, nintendo, nobuo uematsu, ozzy, pantera, phantasy star, pink floyd, poltergeist, prodigy, rainy days, rammstein, resident evil series, rik mayall, rob zombie, ruroni kenshin, rush, sailor mars, sailor moon series, sam rockwell, sega genesis, sega master system, sesame street, shoujo kakumei utena, silent hill series, splatterhouse, split enz, static - x, stella, stone temple pilots, super nintendo, supertramp, suspiria, syd barrett, synthesizers, system of a down, t.h.e.m, tales of legendia, tales of symphonia, the cars, the chemical brothers, the cranberries, the fixx, the muppets, the simpsons, the three stooges, the warriors, the who, the young ones, tool, trent reznor, turbographix 16, vampires, video game music, white zombie, william shakespeare, yahoo serious, yes, young einstein, zombies