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Another long awaited update

I know it has been a while since my last LJ post. I've been rather uninspired lately to write anything, maybe because no one really reads it. My graduation from Apollo is this Friday. I really didn't want to participate in it but I went with it anyways because my family wants to see me graduate. It's not like I'm getting some special degree. It's just some shitty little diploma saying that I've graduated. If you couldn't tell from previous posts, I absolutely despised my school of choice!

I think back and wished that I could have gone to ASU and majored in education or English. I would have a doctorate by now! I guess maybe I did make the right decision because I would be spending the rest of my life paying off school loans because my parents couldn't afford to put me in college. I know it's still not too late for me to get an associate's degree at a community college but after juggling a full time job and spending six hours a day in school for the past ten months, I'm burnt out! The only way I'll go back to school is if I didn't have to worry about working. Unfortunately due to our current circumstance, that idea is out of the question.

Thank god I have a job that I love! Speaking of my job, I was told by my supervisor at my last one on one meeting that I may be looking at a permanent position with the company. It's about fucking time! I've been working as a temp for the past nine months. I have put in my best effort to satisfy my boss with major success. I'm doing so well that I've been assigned to process claims for very prestigious clients. I love what I do. I love the people in my department and I love my boss! All I can do is continue to wait and give it my all.

Went and saw Moon with Jake at the beginning of the month. I won't elaborate since Jake has posted his review. What he said about the film is the exact same way I feel. It was a fantastic movie that is worth seeing. In fact I loved it so much I'll go see it again (I'm looking at you Katie!)

... and I have fallen in love with Sam Rockwell! Such a brilliant and gifted actor yet sadly underrated. Plus he is very lovely on the eyes.



Great News for Someone that Needs It

In the midst of the tragic losses of five celebrities this past month, including Oxi Clean pitchman Billy Mayes, I thought I would post much more happier news here. I have come to find out from the Ged gals that Neil Peart, the drummer of Rush, and his wife Carrie are expecting their first child together!
Neil To Be a Father Again

I cannot say how ecstatic I am for the two of them!!! The reason why you ask? Well, for many that do not know, Neil had suffered two tragedies back to back about ten years ago. First his daughter Selena (his ONLY child,) was killed in a car accident. Then not long after that his wife, of many many years, Jackie passed away from cancer. My heart went out to him. No one should have to experience losing a loved one so sudden... but losing two is absolutely unacceptable!

You truly are a courageous person that deserves respect and honor for bouncing back after a tragedy like that. Neil had certainly risen from the ashes and managed to find love once again with his new wife. He may have always been a father but now he gets to experience the joys of being a parent once again!

Now I know that if I ever experience any hard times in my life, I can look up to Neil and realize that there is still hope in the world.

My sincerest congratulations to Neil and Carrie!

New additions to my DVD collection

I spent the most part of yesterday watching movies. While Jake and I were out we stopped at Fry's Electronics to browse around. I was hoping to get Volume 6 of The Three Stooges Collection but it was not on the shelf. So instead I purchased four movies to add to my collection, three of them were $10 and under.

Alien and the double pack of the Conan movies were $10 and Assault on Precinct 13 (the original version) was $7.99! I also picked up the Criterion Collection of The Seventh Seal for under $30... and it's Blu Ray!!! I own a copy of the Criterion Collection of The Man Who Fell To Earth and that cost me almost $40!

Anyways, so I watched Assault on Precinct 13 and Conan the Barbarian yesterday. I will be adding my own separate reviews on each film. In the mean time... enjoy the cute angry kitty!

The trinity pt 3/ The Conclusion

The last part to seal the mourning trinity is the most shocking news of all! It was hard enough hearing that Farrah Fawcett passed away this morning. As I was wrapping up my day at work, I overheard news spreading like wildfire around the office about another well known celebrity that has gone to the other side...

When I heard the name of that person, my heart stopped for a second and I sat there stunned and in disbelief. Those from the 70s mourned the loss of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll. Those from the 80s had to cope with the shocking death of John Lennon, the Rock and Roll Dreamer. Now my generation has Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, to add to that list.

I know Jake doesn't give a shit about it and will tell me "He's dead, get over it! There's other things more important in the world than Michael Jackson." Yes he maybe right, but I don't think he understands how I feel about this because he never really grew up listening to Michael Jackson, I did! My dad had a few of Michael Jackson's videos on some old MTV tapes he recorded. I remember watching the videos to Billie Jean and Beat It, dancing like a maniac as a baby!

Say what you want about him now but you can't deny that the man had incredible talent for writing and singing catchy pop tunes! Even though I am a more of a hard rock / heavy metal fan, I love Michael Jackson's music. I admit it!

To pay homage to MJ, here is the video that scared me to death as a kid yet is one of the greatest pop tunes ever created and is a must have on your Halloween list. This is THRILLER!

In conclusion, all of these people had an impact on us one way or another whether you're a fan today or they were an integral part of your childhood. These three certainly had something special about them and will be missed.

The trinity pt 2

To add to the mourning trinity, many of you may know that Farrah Fawcett has lost her battle with cancer. Many people knew that the inevitable was coming, but I was shocked by the news because I heard she was doing better... I guess I was wrong. I may not have been a follower of her's nor did I watch Charlie's Angels but I can see why she was such a huge icon back in the 70s. She was pretty, charming, and brought a meaning to the term Girl Power. She also seemed like a genuinely sweet person. To pay tribute, I found this video that was a sweet homage to her. Ms. Fawcett, may you be Charlie's special angel fighting crime in the heavens. You will be missed. May you find peace and happiness where ever you are.

The trinity pt 1

You may have seen a previous entry about David Carradine's death. Now I am adding three more to the mourning list:

The first to start off this week is the death of Ed McMahon. Not only had McMahon acted as the jelly to Johnnie Carson's peanut butter, but he was a phenomenal guy. I remembered watching Star Search as a kid and thought that he was a terrific host. Of course I can't forget the commercials he did for Publisher's Clearinghouse. My parents used to get mail from them all the time saying that we won. I got really excited thinking that McMahon was going to show up at our doorstep with a cluster of balloons and a huge check for one million dollars. Of course I didn't know that it was too good to be true, I was a naive kid after all.

To celebrate McMahon's legacy, I thought I would post his appearance on one of my favorite episodes of ALF. Mr. McMahon, your legacy as one of the world's greatest sidekicks will live on in our hearts. May you rest in peace.


I have not seen a movie in the theater since Ironman... but DAMN I wanna see this movie!!!!

Noctural Goddess's Movie Review

After owning this DVD since Halloween, I FINALLY watched Phantasm last night. All I can say is... wow! This has got to be one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen! I don't get scared that easily but there were a few moments in the film where I almost pulled the sheets up over my head. Don Coscarelli certainly knew how to use environments to his advantage when it comes to creating an intense and eerie atmosphere. Phantasm is definitely a dark masterpiece that will have your skin crawling by the time the end credits start rolling.

Mike Pearson (played by A. Michael Baldwin) is an unlucky teenage boy who is having a hard time in coping with the death of his parents. Mike's older brother Jodi (played by Bill Thornbury) has taken Mike under his wing and took on the duties of raising him. Both brothers are hit with another blow when their other brother Tommy dies of "apparent suicide." Fearing that Mike would not be able to cope with the loss, Jodi leaves Mike to attend Tommy's funeral.

Mike decides to follow Jodi to the cemetery and view the funeral from behind the scenes. After the funeral ends, Mike witnesses something very strange. A tall gangly older man is seen lifting up Tommy's casket all by himself and driving off... then all hell breaks loose!

Mike, alongside Jodi and Jodi's best friend Reggie (played by Reggie Bannister), are thrusted into a world of bizarre hallucinations, a floating sphere that drills holes in peoples heads and midget zombies in hoods that try to kill them. Within the eye of this chaos stands the gangly older man known as The Tall Man.

The Tall Man has got to be the creepiest villain I have ever seen. This man does not need eclectic weaponry and catchy one liners to make you hide your eyes. The Tall Man embeds fear in people's eyes just by his slow saunter and horrifying gaze. Freddy Kruger I can handle but I would not want to run into The Tall Man in a dark alley... or more like a corridor of a mausoleum.

Fending off the demonic beings; Mike, Jody and Reggie must ban together to defeat the forces of evil that surround them. Despite an incoherent plot and acting that's a little below par, Phantasm is quite an entertaining movie. What I especially love about this movie is the deep bond between the three protagonists. Mike,Jodi and Reggie have a strong connection with each other. Jodi would do anything to protect his little brother. Mike would gladly put his life on the line for his heroic older counterpart and Reggie considers both boys to be his family. Think of Stand By Me meets Hellraiser.

I would highly recommend putting Phantasm on your "Must watch," list on Halloween. It is definitely worth the watch... oh and did I mention that the theme to Phantasm is epic!


RIP David Carradine

Well I just got hit with the most shocking news this morning... Bill is dead! I know I shouldn't be shocked because he was up there, I mean he was 73 years old. Which that is weird because I do not think that he looks that old. Yet it was the manner of which he died that is considered shocking! I thought that maybe he passed away from a heart attack or a stroke... but he KILLED HIMSELF!!! Gawd, this is depressing!!! Oh well, at least he will be reunited with his father.

Mr. Carradine, you will be greatly missed. May you kick ass using the ways of the samurai above the skies.

Passing the time

Since Jake has been working night shifts I have been submersing myself in a lot of Rush lately. I signed up for The Rush Forum and Counterparts messageboard and what do I find... other Geddy Lee fangirls. HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!! I thought I was the only women in this world that thought that Geddy was the sexiest man alive next to Trent Reznor. I mean I have had the hots for him since I hit puberty. So naturally I became close friends with these wonderful women. In fact we have a special name for ourselves, Gedgals.

Damn, these women are RAVENOUS for this man!!! So ravenous that they actually write "fan fiction!" In fact, I wrote a fan fic story of my own involving a young Geddy as a vampire. The girls nicknamed my story, Gedula. Yes I know that I am married and I love my husband to death... but can't a woman have her fantasies! I told Jake that if he had the hots for some female celebrity that I didn't mind it.

I saw a video on You Tube that is a skit from the band's Snakes and Arrows tour. Geddy looks mighty fine in a kilt and he could pull off a Scottish accent really well. In fact I think he should get into acting. In fact I could see him playing Walter in a live action version of Hellsing.

They look so much alike, it's uncanny!

Katie, you might find this video really funny! More posts in the near future.

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