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A Long Overdue Update

First of all, I just wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest kawaiiranchan.I'm sorry that I didn't get to that in time. I'm horrible with knowing what day of the week it is. Jake can tell you that.

So yeah, I am working again. The agency that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago gave me the job. I was told that as it stands it is a temp position but the company that I've been assigned to is growing. Therefore there is the possibility that I might get hired on full time, so keep your fingers crossed.

Other than that, I have done the unthinkable... I have written a slash fic. I know! I know! I probably should be flogged to death for acting on such a taboo impulse. How did it all start you ask? Well, I've been listening to a lot of early Pink Floyd when Syd Barrett was in the band and Captain Beefheart. I have become a crazed fangirl over both Syd and the Captain... and then the devious thought sparked in my brain to put them together. Surprisingly I think this is the best fanfiction I've written. It freaks me out knowing how my creative juices flowed with no problem on this story as opposed to other fanfiction I've written in the past.

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. I just think they're so lovely to look at. My poor husband has to hear about it on a daily basis. I remember we got into a conversation about my slash story and he said that he could not pair two real people together. I said that it's the polar opposite for me. I'm sorry but I just can't fantasize putting an unrealistic person into a romance story. Of course while there are those that ogle over animated characters, I seem to have a tendency to develop a fangirl crush over guys that are way past their prime.

If anyone has that morbid curiosity, you can read my story on my DeviantArt page here.

Good night world!


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Feb. 21st, 2011 05:50 am (UTC)
One night when Eric and I couldn't sleep, and in our imaginations, Christopher Walkin was fantazising about how manly Basch fon Ronsenburg from Final Fantasy XII was. Cue Eric voice acting a one-sided romance dialogue in Walken's voice about Basch's chest. No, we weren't high.

My best slash idea was Kratos AurionxJade Curtiss, but I never wrote it.

I can't write real people. It bothers me. I mean, I can fangirl over Gaby Heinze all day, but I know he's married and has kids. I couldn't dare desecrate his faith and life choices like that. I'm not judging, it just bothers me personally.

No original story? I'll be honest and say that real people slash doesn't catch my interest, but if you like the rockers, maybe you can make up some characters and a story about that kind of lifestyle instead? Y'know, let them inspire you! That's how I came up with Gabriel for my "Angel's Food Cake" story. Eric still gives me crap about it, but I'd rather make a fictional version of a real person than write about the real person.

Thanks for the birthday wishes 'n stuff. I'm 25 now and nothing happened. Like usual!
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