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Update From The Lady

So yeah Facebook has sucked every ounce of my life essence but I know I should be keeping the residence of LJ updated every once in a while. It's just common courtesy. Yesterday marked two months since I've been with my new job and I have passed the test aka probationary period. I was told by the boss today that my insurance will kick in the beginning of next week... oh and I'll be getting a $2 raise!!!! Needless to say I've been a very happy kitty all day.

As far as media absorption, I have purchased Alan Wake for the 360 and a most of my time has been heavily devoted to it. I'll try not to spoil anything but I'll be recording a video review once I have completed the game. I also decided that my brain could really use more literary stimulation, so I dusted off my copy of the first Harry Potter book and began reading it last night. I am know up to the sixth chapter and I hope to have finished the first book by the end of the month at the least.

... that is all. =^_^=

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