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Lady Ash's Rant of the Day

I do admit that I get sucked into the guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip and none more so than the huge scandal that is surrounding Mel Gibson and the recorded tapes of his vicious rant towards his ex. I know that there are a lot of people who are disgusted and harboring hateful feelings towards this once admired individual. Trust me, I do not condone what he has done however take this into consideration; his ex is not the helpless victim that the public believes she is.

What has me fired up over this scandal is the brutal fight that had occurred recently. Sources indicate that the reason why the quarrel turned physical is that this woman SHOOK THEIR BABY!!! I'm sorry but if I were him and I witnessed her do something so vile and unspeakable to my child, I would have clocked her in the face myself. I don't care if you "got carried away," you know damn well what could happen to a child if it is shaken to its core!!!

She could have redeemed herself by announcing to everyone that she's sorry and what she did was wrong. But what does she decide to do instead? Throw her ex under the fucking bus! I am not defending his actions but if what she did is true than his extreme words are NOTHING compared to the possible damage that her child might have suffered. Until this so called horrific incident is proven false, I am not backing down and taking this psychotic tramp's side.

The truth of the matter is that the only victim of this extreme game of war of the roses is their poor child. These two need to set their extremely toxic differences aside and focus on making sure that their daughter is well loved and taken care of.

Another factor that has irritated me to the core is everyone crying racism because Mr. Gibson dropped the N bomb. For crying out loud, Whoopi Goldberg came to his aid and stated that he is not a racist. There is a double standard here that gets under my skin. A white person drops a derogatory word about a particular race and they are lead to the gallows pole and accused of bigotry. However if someone of a minority spouts off derogatory phrases about a white person and believe me there are crude words pertaining to the pale, everyone laughs at it thinking it's hilarious. Where's the fairness in that? I digress.

If Mr. Gibson made an effort to work on his marriage to his wife; then he would not have hooked up with this psychotic gold digger and ended up in the messy situation he's in. So at this point, he brought this upon himself and he only has himself to blame.

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