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Lady's Rant of the Day

*UPDATE* - The whole mess was resolved. My mother in law stated that the family didn't care how late we showed up and that they would be happy to see us. I come from a family where events were on a schedule because, well, we like to be prepared. I guess I'm having a hard time adjusting to an extended family that plans things in the polar opposite way from my own. So we went and saw Jake's family and got to see our handsome newborn nephew. We got to see the nursery too. Jake's aunt and sisters did a fantastic job! It looked like my sister in law and her husband got a team of professionals.

* * *

Yesterday Jake got a call from his mom about a family gathering at his sister's house in honor of father's day, his aunt's birthday and his grandparents' 60th anniversary. We both really wanted to go because we don't get to see his family that often. Also we really wanted to see our newborn nephew because we haven't seen him since he was born a month ago.

At 4:45 Jake called his mom because we did NOT receive a call from anyone. He asked his mom when everyone was expected at his sister's... she said 4:00. It's forty five fucking minutes passed 4:00! Also I think my in laws failed to take into consideration that we live way the fuck out in North Scottsdale and his sister lives out close to Queen Creek. Therefore it would take us about an hour to get there if there is no heavy traffic on the road. Add on an additional half hour for me to get showered and dressed and we probably wouldn't show up until three hours later.

Did I fail to mention that this is not the only time that something like this has happened? This is probably the third or fourth time my extended family pulled shit like this. I am sick and fucking tired of showing up to a family function late at no fault of our own. My mom may not be exactly on time to family functions and has canceled things at the last minute; yet surprisingly that does not nearly piss me off as much as this. You know why? Because the times that there were a family function, my mom would tell me WAY AHEAD IN ADVANCE when everyone was expected at my grandma's, my aunt's, etc.

If you're not going to clue us in on a time of arrival, then don't fucking invite us to anything at all!

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