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A Long Overdue Update

First of all, I just wanted to say Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest kawaiiranchan.I'm sorry that I didn't get to that in time. I'm horrible with knowing what day of the week it is. Jake can tell you that.

So yeah, I am working again. The agency that I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago gave me the job. I was told that as it stands it is a temp position but the company that I've been assigned to is growing. Therefore there is the possibility that I might get hired on full time, so keep your fingers crossed.

Other than that, I have done the unthinkable... I have written a slash fic. I know! I know! I probably should be flogged to death for acting on such a taboo impulse. How did it all start you ask? Well, I've been listening to a lot of early Pink Floyd when Syd Barrett was in the band and Captain Beefheart. I have become a crazed fangirl over both Syd and the Captain... and then the devious thought sparked in my brain to put them together. Surprisingly I think this is the best fanfiction I've written. It freaks me out knowing how my creative juices flowed with no problem on this story as opposed to other fanfiction I've written in the past.

I'm sorry I couldn't help myself. I just think they're so lovely to look at. My poor husband has to hear about it on a daily basis. I remember we got into a conversation about my slash story and he said that he could not pair two real people together. I said that it's the polar opposite for me. I'm sorry but I just can't fantasize putting an unrealistic person into a romance story. Of course while there are those that ogle over animated characters, I seem to have a tendency to develop a fangirl crush over guys that are way past their prime.

If anyone has that morbid curiosity, you can read my story on my DeviantArt page here.

Good night world!

My Rik Mayall Fan Video

I finally finished my Rik Mayall fan video. If he looks familiar, yes it is Drop Dead Fred! Fair warning it is a sexy fan video so I don't think the guys would be interested. Any girl who has seen DDF and had a crush on Rik, I dedicate this to you.

I just hope that the WMG police doesn't bust down my interwebz and force me to take it down.

Trip to the Hospital... again!

After waking up with heaviness in my chest last night, I returned to the hospital again. The doctor ordered up additional blood tests and another EKG. I got an actual diagnosis this time around; Costochondritis, an inflammation of the cartilage between the ribs. I was told that doing as much as a cough could trigger the attack. Luckily it is not life threatening, however it is quite painful and discomforting. Doctor put me on a different RX this time around instead of that damn Naproxen which made me feel like crap. Plus I was instructed to use an ice pack for a couple of days and then a heating pad for a couple more. I hope that I'll be able to get some much needed rest over the weekend and feel 100% better for work Monday.

The Lady's Day at the Hospital

So yeah, I got freaked out from chest pains that I've had all day today. I felt so uncomfortable that I could not make it through the whole day of work and I have NEVER left work sick. Around noon; me being the paranoid freak that I am, I feared I was having a myocardial infarction so I had Jake take me to the hospital.

Of course I thought I should mention this is the first time I have ever had my blood drawn. And to my surprise, I was not as scared as I thought I was gonna be. Much to my surprise, I made a big deal out of it for nothing. Luckily my tests came back negative and they sent me home with a prescription for Naproxen. I'm doing fairly well but I still feel like shit. I think it might have to do with the fact that I have not eaten anything all day today and I think my blood sugar went into hiding. Hopefully I'll be able to make it back to work tomorrow in one piece. Thank god my insurance kicked in today!

Update From The Lady

So yeah Facebook has sucked every ounce of my life essence but I know I should be keeping the residence of LJ updated every once in a while. It's just common courtesy. Yesterday marked two months since I've been with my new job and I have passed the test aka probationary period. I was told by the boss today that my insurance will kick in the beginning of next week... oh and I'll be getting a $2 raise!!!! Needless to say I've been a very happy kitty all day.

As far as media absorption, I have purchased Alan Wake for the 360 and a most of my time has been heavily devoted to it. I'll try not to spoil anything but I'll be recording a video review once I have completed the game. I also decided that my brain could really use more literary stimulation, so I dusted off my copy of the first Harry Potter book and began reading it last night. I am know up to the sixth chapter and I hope to have finished the first book by the end of the month at the least.

... that is all. =^_^=

Lady Ash's Rant of the Day

I do admit that I get sucked into the guilty pleasure of celebrity gossip and none more so than the huge scandal that is surrounding Mel Gibson and the recorded tapes of his vicious rant towards his ex. I know that there are a lot of people who are disgusted and harboring hateful feelings towards this once admired individual. Trust me, I do not condone what he has done however take this into consideration; his ex is not the helpless victim that the public believes she is.

What has me fired up over this scandal is the brutal fight that had occurred recently. Sources indicate that the reason why the quarrel turned physical is that this woman SHOOK THEIR BABY!!! I'm sorry but if I were him and I witnessed her do something so vile and unspeakable to my child, I would have clocked her in the face myself. I don't care if you "got carried away," you know damn well what could happen to a child if it is shaken to its core!!!

She could have redeemed herself by announcing to everyone that she's sorry and what she did was wrong. But what does she decide to do instead? Throw her ex under the fucking bus! I am not defending his actions but if what she did is true than his extreme words are NOTHING compared to the possible damage that her child might have suffered. Until this so called horrific incident is proven false, I am not backing down and taking this psychotic tramp's side.

The truth of the matter is that the only victim of this extreme game of war of the roses is their poor child. These two need to set their extremely toxic differences aside and focus on making sure that their daughter is well loved and taken care of.

Another factor that has irritated me to the core is everyone crying racism because Mr. Gibson dropped the N bomb. For crying out loud, Whoopi Goldberg came to his aid and stated that he is not a racist. There is a double standard here that gets under my skin. A white person drops a derogatory word about a particular race and they are lead to the gallows pole and accused of bigotry. However if someone of a minority spouts off derogatory phrases about a white person and believe me there are crude words pertaining to the pale, everyone laughs at it thinking it's hilarious. Where's the fairness in that? I digress.

If Mr. Gibson made an effort to work on his marriage to his wife; then he would not have hooked up with this psychotic gold digger and ended up in the messy situation he's in. So at this point, he brought this upon himself and he only has himself to blame.

Lady's Rant of the Day

*UPDATE* - The whole mess was resolved. My mother in law stated that the family didn't care how late we showed up and that they would be happy to see us. I come from a family where events were on a schedule because, well, we like to be prepared. I guess I'm having a hard time adjusting to an extended family that plans things in the polar opposite way from my own. So we went and saw Jake's family and got to see our handsome newborn nephew. We got to see the nursery too. Jake's aunt and sisters did a fantastic job! It looked like my sister in law and her husband got a team of professionals.

* * *

Yesterday Jake got a call from his mom about a family gathering at his sister's house in honor of father's day, his aunt's birthday and his grandparents' 60th anniversary. We both really wanted to go because we don't get to see his family that often. Also we really wanted to see our newborn nephew because we haven't seen him since he was born a month ago.

At 4:45 Jake called his mom because we did NOT receive a call from anyone. He asked his mom when everyone was expected at his sister's... she said 4:00. It's forty five fucking minutes passed 4:00! Also I think my in laws failed to take into consideration that we live way the fuck out in North Scottsdale and his sister lives out close to Queen Creek. Therefore it would take us about an hour to get there if there is no heavy traffic on the road. Add on an additional half hour for me to get showered and dressed and we probably wouldn't show up until three hours later.

Did I fail to mention that this is not the only time that something like this has happened? This is probably the third or fourth time my extended family pulled shit like this. I am sick and fucking tired of showing up to a family function late at no fault of our own. My mom may not be exactly on time to family functions and has canceled things at the last minute; yet surprisingly that does not nearly piss me off as much as this. You know why? Because the times that there were a family function, my mom would tell me WAY AHEAD IN ADVANCE when everyone was expected at my grandma's, my aunt's, etc.

If you're not going to clue us in on a time of arrival, then don't fucking invite us to anything at all!

I Am Still Alive

Yes I know it's been a long ass time since I've made an actual LJ post. My soul has been occupied in Facebook's domain. Plus I'm not sure who even reads my journal anymore. I do have some new news from headquarters. I am no longer with my last job due to lack of business and yes it was hard because I had my hopes that I would be hired on permanently. Oh well, keep your chin up for there are greater successes out there.

The good news is that I start a new job tomorrow. It is the same schedule as the last one however I am going to have a longer drive but it's not too far. The great part, is that it is A PERMANENT JOB! That's right! I won't have to worry about an assignment ending and I'll have benefits and paid time off!!! Something that I have not had in over 18 months!!!

We're planning on renewing our lease for another year. I want to get settled in my new job and get our debts taken care of. I want to make it my goal to get us into a house in a year at least. I was hoping to hunt for a house in Tempe or move back to Mesa but it would be a much longer commute to get to work and the thought of that makes me feel ill. We shall see.

I will also be a contributing writer for Classic Horror. My first review will be published on the site sometime in June. As soon as it's posted, I will inform everyone. I also purchased a laptop recently. That way Jake can have all the time he wants on the other computer and it will be easier for me to work on future written contributions.

I have not heard from Ran-Chan and I'm getting worried. She has not responded to Jake's post on her wall. So Cho, if you're reading this, please send a sign that you're still among the living.

Anyway, I have to try and get some much needed sleep. I have a big day tomorrow. Ciao!

Blah Blah Blah

Yes I know it's been three months since I've updated anything on my LJ. There's nothing really new going on. Still waiting for a permanent spot at my current job. We're debating on whether or not we want to renew our lease with our current apartment. I really want to stay and I absolutely hate moving with a passion. I did the budget and I figured out that I do have enough to take care of the rent and the rest of the bills. However things could change, you never know what will happen in the future.

After much speculation, Jake has decided to plunge back into the work field. He was told by the lawyer that it could take up to a year to get through the appeals process and even then that won't guarantee that he will get disability. He figured that he is fully capable of working despite what his shrink says. I could not agree more. I hope that everyone will wish him the best of luck.

We stumbled across our old camera and the great news is that it still works! I plan on creating my own video reviews and vlogs in the near future. I am currently working on a script for my tribute to Sesame Street since the show will be turning 40 tomorrow! So I'll try to keep everyone posted on the process.


So my graduation went well. I got to see some friends from class that I have not seen in two months, so it was nice. One of my classmates was telling me about the new program that she started at the other campus and said that the instructors there are really good. Before I graduated, I was told by career services that they were offering students in the Billing and Coding program a chance to get into the M.O.M. program.

Those who don't know what that is, it's Medical Office Management. I was told that the campus is offering an associates degree and instead of spending an extra two years in school, it would only take me ten months to get my associate's. I will admit that I kind of regret declining the offer but to those that know my situation would understand my decision. We shall see what happens.

So I was at Best Buy yesterday and purchased some DVDs with the gift card I got as a graduation present from mom.

When I discovered that Four Flies on Grey Velvet was FINALLY out on DVD, I had to get it! Of all places I find it at Best Buy. Sometimes Best Buy will surprise me with selling a movie that I never seen on store shelves. One time I saw they had a couple of copies of Cannibal Holocaust on the shelves. Sadly I turned down purchasing a copy and now I'm regretting it since I have not seen it since then.

Anyway, I will try to get reviews of Cat in the Brain and Four Flies on Grey Velvet up sometime within this week. Now it's off to bed for rejuvenation before my first day of work for the week.

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